Music City Gives Back Announces Autograph Signings and Meet and Greets! #CMAFest

Autograph signings and meet and greets are returning to Music City Gives Back on Monday, June 3, 2019 from 12 PM - 5 PM.  There is an amazing lineup where you can meet today's country stars! This event will take place at Ascend Park and is free and open to the pubic!

Travis Denning12:00 PM1:00 PMAlly Booth
Brett Young12:00 PM1:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Michael Ray12:00 PM1:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Phil Vassar12:00 PM1:00 PMCavender's Booth
Adam Craig12:00 PM1:00 PMTune In Booth
Mark Wills12:00 PM1:00 PMWrangler Booth
Lewis Brice1:00 PM2:00 PMAlly Booth
Brett Kissel1:00 PM2:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Stephen Carey1:00 PM2:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Drew Baldridge1:00 PM2:00 PMCavender's Booth
Tenille Arts1:00 PM2:00 PMTune In Booth
Stephanie Quayle1:00 PM2:00 PMWrangler Booth
Chase Bryant2:00 PM3:00 PMAlly Booth
Filmore2:00 PM3:00 PMCarl Black Booth
King Calaway2:00 PM3:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Canaan Smith2:00 PM3:00 PMCavender's Booth
Lauren Jenkins2:00 PM3:00 PMTune In Booth
William Michael Morgan2:00 PM3:00 PMWrangler Booth
Leah Turner3:00 PM4:00 PMAlly Booth
Hannah Dasher3:00 PM4:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Jackson Michelson3:00 PM4:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Kip Moore3:00 PM4:00 PMCavender's Booth
Haley & Michaels3:00 PM4:00 PMTune In Booth
Trace Adkins3:00 PM5:00 PMWrangler Booth
Rodney Atkins4:00 PM5:00 PMAlly Booth
Lainey Wilson4:00 PM5:00 PMCarl Black Booth
Justin Adams4:00 PM5:00 PMCavender's Booth
Tegan Marie4:00 PM5:00 PMTune In Booth