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What is this membership for?

The membership allows access to premium member content in the Member's Only section of for the current festival year!

What is included in the Members' Only section?

Premium member content includes access to our popular CMA Fest autograph signing and meet and greet schedule and exclusive giveaways, as well as direct download links for customizeable and printable CMA Fest Stage Schedules, Fan Party Schedule, Tips, and More.  You are also invited to sign up for our newsletter that will deliver the latest CMA Fest news directly to your email!

Is the autograph signing schedule a complete listing of all meet and greets taking place at CMA Fest?

We strive to update the schedule regularly to include as many signings/meet and greets as possible. The list usually begins in the beginning of May with about 40 signings and grows to include about 600 by the time the festival arrives! You may check and download the schedule as often as you like.

Why should I purchase a subscription when this info is freely available from multiple sources?

Buying a membership helps to support the site and limit advertisements!  You won't find annoying pop-ups here.

We strive to offer timely information in an easy to read format, and believe that our guide is superior to others.  We have many satisfied members that subscribe yearly.  Please click here for reviews.

Below are some example of how we differ from other sources:

  • While apps may not be compatible with all phones and tablets, can be buggy, and rely on internet access via mobile networks or Wi-Fi, our files may be downloaded and saved to your mobile devices directly from your device's browser. They are easily viewed and searchable via Adobe Reader which is freely available for all mobile device platforms. 

  •  A huge bonus is that you can load them on your Kindle or Nook for easy outdoor reading on the sunniest Nashville day.

  • Our guide includes events, autograph signings, and meet and greets from the entire CMA Music Festival as well as other downtown venues listed alphabetically, chronologically, and by location! 

  • Our guide begins publishing in early May so that you have the information you need to start planning your trip now, rather than needing to wait until just days before the festival.

  • Our guide is published in an easy to read layout with an Arial font face of no less than 10 pts. Our guide is meticulously laid out so you can access the information you need quickly and efficiently. 

Do you guarantee that your information is accurate?

We make great efforts to keep all information as accurate and up to date as possible.  However, all events, artists, and times are subject to change without notice.

Are you affiliated with the Country Music Association?

No. This is an independent, unofficial site. This website is not affiliated with, maintained, authorized, endorsed, sponsored by, or in any way officially connected with, the Country Music Association, the CMA Music Festival, or any of their affiliates or sponsors. All Country Music Association and CMA Music Festival artwork, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to CMA Country Music Association, Inc, or its subsidiary, affiliated and related companies, as the case may be. For official CMA Music Festival Information, visit


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