Chicks with Picks Showcase Set for #CMAFest Week!

Female Music Nation and The Female Diary are proud to present a special showcase series during the 2019 CMA Music Festival: Chicks with Picks hosted by Juju Capogrossi!


Thursday, June 6th:
Taylor Acorn, Jordyn Mallory, Jessica Mack, Hannah Ellis, Anna Vaus, Taylor Edwards, and Abbey Cone

Friday, June 7th:
Tiera, April Kry, JessLee, Carolyn Miller, Karissa Ella, LYRX, and Julia Cole

Saturday, June 8th: 
Jennifer Smestad, Jenna Paulette, Ciara Rae, Priscilla Block, Morgan Myles, Liddy Clark, and Kristen Merlin

Chicks With Picks Showcase
When: June 6 - 7: 2-4 PM / June 8: 1-3 PM
Where: The Local (110 28th Ave N)
Tickets: Free/Open to Public