Thank You All!

Dear Readers,

I hope that you all had a wonderful time at this year's festival and that you've all made it home safely!

As many of you know, the CMA had filed a complaint with the UDRP Forum (domain name court if you will) regarding our website.  We filed a response defending our right to host this site, but the panel (judge) found for the Complainant (CMA).  It has been decided that our domain name,, is confusingly similar to, and that the CMA owns the CMA FEST mark under common law, even though they had not registered it with the USPTO.

As a result of the judgement, our domain name will be transferred to the CMA on July 7, 2017.

We are planning to return next year at

Please note the new web address.  We will start to change over soon, and you may experience broken links and outages during the transition.

Our social media pages will also be updated to reflect the changes as well.

Thank you for you continued support!

Best Always,